Becoming A Firestarter: How To Burn Bright Without Burning Out

Article written by Shawn Bellon I have a confession:  I hate going to meets and training.  None of it is fun for me anymore.  I bet you are thinking that this is the worst motivational article ever written.  You may be right but hear me out as I share how I am getting the embers going and stoking a flame to be MY best.

Before we talk about the INSPIRING FEEL GOOD quotes of the “Dead Poet’s Society” (yes…they are coming!) let’s examine how I became a curmudgeon.  Distractions are always what get us off our paths, right?  My distractions came in the form of pressure and injuries.  Believe it or not I was going to be a 2100 total true raw powerlifter weighing under 275 pounds just a few short years ago.  Sponsorships with real money were coming my way, along with pressure.  Remember Drago in Rocky 4 yelling at the  Russian Premier stating, “Ya b’yus’ radi pobedy! Dlya sebya! Dlya sebya!”  Translation: I FIGHT FOR ME TO WIN!  FOR ME!  I didn’t enjoy training as much with the forced expectations to lift for someone else.  It was a distraction to what I really love: THE GYM.

So yes, the gym.  It’s my sanctuary, my church and my home.  I love the smell of chalk in the morning!  Ok not that you can hear me using a Robert Duvall voice ala Apocalypse Now, but I am really feeling it.  Unfortunately as my body started to give in my distractedness via depression grew exponentially.  A shoulder here, elbow there and then after getting ready to demolish an 800+ raw squat I damaged my knee and back.  I became a has-been in my mind.