Are Humans Designed To Be Vegetarians Or Carnivores?

I’ve always been an in-depth, analytical person and when I research something, I take it to the nth degree, as far as I can take it, weighing each side, hearing each side’s opinion and then I formulate my own opinion. I talk to as many authoritative and knowledgeable people as I can, and then I even do experiments myself.

Please remember that anyone can write a book, anyone can speak with “authority” on television or radio, so when you want to formulate your own opinion on any matter, pay attention to where the information has originated from. Dig for the truth in everything. Don’t just say, “I heard it on TV, therefore it must be true.”

I’ve come up with several reasons as to why man is not a vegetarian, he never was one, and he’ll never be one. We weren’t programmed by nature to be vegetarians. I’m going to give you reasons, because I’m sure that you’ve only heard the other side of the story, which is the story that the medical profession of today has advocated.

1. PH Balance

Man has a PH balance, which means acid/alkaline. If man were a vegetarian, as the vegetarians say he is, then he wouldn’t produce any acid at all. He’d be completely alkaline. All foods that are of the protein variety, meat, fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, cheese and cottage cheese are digested in an acid base.

All foods that are not of a protein nature, such as fruits, vegetables, and grains, are digested in an alkaline base. Nature seems to have given us this balance. Why does Mother Nature intend you to have stomach acid? Hydrochloric acid is the main component of your stomach. If you were to take your finger and stick it down your throat, and your finger touched your stomach, it would burn your finger right off. That’s how strong your stomach acid is, or should be. People say that’s not possible because if your acid is going to burn your finger, it’s going to burn your stomach. No, because nature has prepared us with a lining on the inside of our stomach that’s impervious to hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid can not eat through your stomach like it can eat through metal, cloth, or wood. Hydrochloric acid is there to digest protein food. As a matter of fact, it’s there to digest all food, including vegetables. Did you ever wonder why the acid is there, other than to digest your food? Why can a dog, for instance, which is strictly a carnivore, go out and drink sewer water? Why can an alligator or a rat live in filth and not get sick if they eat food that nature intended them to eat? The answer is hydrochloric acid. We are bombarded daily with viruses and bacteria in our environment. If your stomach acid is high enough and you ingest any bacteria or virus, the hydrochloric acid kills it. This is part of your immune system just like your diet, your good bacteria, your Thymus, vitamin C, and the colostrum that you secrete when you’re born (Note: No pathogen can live in an acid base). The reason why the people of today are so sick is because we’ve eaten a diet of refined and processed carbohydrates for the last one hundred years. We’ve become carbohydrate eaters, consuming cookies, cakes, pies, candies, pretzels, doughnuts, pizza, slurpies, pop tarts, sugar frosted flakes, coney islands, bagels, pasta and spaghetti. We’re starting to become alkaline. When you become alkaline, you lose your hydrochloric acid.

The body says ‘why should I manufacture it, when I have no need for it?’ You become alkaline, and that’s when you become a victim. This is the number one, most important reason why I feel man is not meant to be a vegetarian.

2. Cellulace

If man is truly a vegetarian, like the vegetarians say we are, he should manufacture a hormone called cellulace. Cellulace is an enzyme that a vegetarian animal’s body produces when he ingests vegetables which contain cellulose (my grandmother called it fiber). For instance, a rabbit or a cow will secrete the enzyme cellulace to absorb cellulose. Man does not manufacture that enzyme hormone. He never did, he doesn’t today and he probably never will.

3. Gorillas

A lot of people will ask, ‘What about the gorilla?’ He’s a vegetarian and is related to the monkey and the baboon; therefore, we must be vegetarians. My answers to those people are that hunters are fast and cunning, and able to catch their food.

Gorillas are slow and can’t catch anything. It’s been documented that if gorillas living in captivity are given meat, they like meat and they want meat. This process is called adaptation. Your body will adapt to what you give it. Some people say that food adapts to your body. That’s not true.

Your body will adapt to whatever you give it. For example, people who smoke. When a person first begins to smoke, the body rebels with the action of coughing and you might even get a headache. However, after the body adapts to the smoke, it becomes addicted, and that same person will now cough and get a headache if he doesn’t supply the body with that cigarette.

4. Nutrients

Vegetarians will tell you that you have to be a vegetarian to be able to get all of the nutrients and all of the minerals and the phyto-chemicals from the earth. BUT!, I say, let’s look at history. The American Plains Indian was a hunter and a meat-eater. His whole life was the buffalo. The white man killed the buffalo to starve the Indians to death. The Indian used the buffalo for food, clothing, housing (tee-pees), and weapons. When the buffalo roamed the plains, it ate everything; roots, grass, leaves, and all kinds of vegetation. The Indian ate the buffalo. Vegetarians need to understand that whatever the buffalo ate is in the meat. The Indians consumed all of the buffalo; therefore they got all of the nutrients that the buffalo did.” The Indians lived very long lives and were very healthy, if they didn’t they starve to death.

5. Milk

If man is truly a vegetarian, like the vegetarians say he is, why – when a human mother nurses her baby – doesn’t V8 juice come out? Vegetarians will counter this statement with, ‘you only need milk until you are six years old’ (I ask you where in the world is that written in stone? Maybe on Mt. Vesuvius!). Milk is an animal protein. Man is primarily a protein-eater. Vegetarians say that it is harmful to the body to eat too much protein. This is ridiculous; some “reasonable” people will say ‘everything in moderation’. Does that work with arsenic?

Vegetarians also use the argument that a person will become violent if he eats the flesh of an animal. This is simply not true. Roger Williams did an experiment in the 1950’s on inmates at a Texas penal intuition which disproves the vegetarian belief. The inmates were fed only processed and refined foods. The B complex vitamins were also completely removed from their diet. Within a very short time, the inmates were hypoglycemic. They exhibited mental problems, confusion, depression, aggressiveness and violent behavior.

6. Amino Acid

When protein foods are taken into the body, they are broken down and converted into amino acids by the liver. Amino acids are the basis for all human and animal life in the universe, the DNA, the RNA factor, the nucleus of all the cells. The amino acid comparison between meat and vegetables states that the best proteins are eggs, intestines, liver, glands, and raw milk. These have a biological value of 3.9 or greater. This comes from government regulations and is called “P E R Rating”. Vegetables are rated, depending on variety, between 2.0 and 2.9. Animal protein is so superior to vegetable protein that there is no other contest.

7. Vitamin B12

Pernicus anemia is caused by lack of vitamin B12. There is no fruit, vegetables, or grain in the world that contains vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal protein. Vegans will tell you to take a B12 supplement. This is very feeble reasoning. The first vitamin was discovered in 1920.

If you lived in 1820, how could you have taken this supplement, as it didn’t exist yet?

Note: It has been proven over and over that the original species of modern man, Homoerectus, Homosapien, Neanderthal, and Cro-Magnon were meat-eaters. Humans always return to animal protein, as we are made of a protein molecule, not a sugar (carbohydrate) molecule. End of the story!

You have heard my side of the argument. Talk to the vegetarians, hear their side, ask questions, and do some research, then decide for yourself.

Excerpts taken from an article written by Dr. Ron Kosloff for “”. To view his credentials, please follow this link

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