A Simple Approach To Bulgarian Training For Powerlifting

Article written by Damien Pezzuti Disclaimer: I believe the following program outlined is a great way to begin a Bulgarian-like training regiment for the sport of Powerlifting for the intermediate/advanced trainee. If you’re a beginner to strength training, or have less than 2-3 years of training under your belt then I recommend following one of the many programs offered here on the LBEB site or contacting Brandon directly for customized programming.

Why High-Frequency/High-Intensity?: Practice makes perfect, right? After all, strength is a skill and needs to be practiced just like a Basketball player would practice his jump shot. That said, I believe the weights lifted need to be >85% for the specific transfer towards the sport of Powerlifting. Too often the problem with high-frequency but lower intensity programs is that it builds non-specfic strength required in Powerlifting. Doing 5×7 @ 500lbs is impressive, but if you can’t do 600 for a single then what good is it?

Program Overview: I’m not going to bore you with long scientific studies and explanations. Instead I want to provide you with a basic and simple program that you can follow and implement immediately for improving your strength and skill for the sport of Powerlifting. The program will be setup on a 3x a week training schedule. I recommend Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

Template: Day 1: Squat & Bench Press – Up to max single Day 2: Squat & Bench Press – Up to max single Day 3: Squat/Bench Press/Deadlift – Up to max single