9 Mistakes That I Made At My 9th Competition

(And 1 thing that turned it around)

Article written by Josh Mac

I was more ready for this meet than I was for any other meet before it.  I had planned out everything, I had a great meet prep, peaking program, and great planned attempts.  I felt stronger than ever.  I knew what total I was after and I knew I was capable of each and every lift and I had a plan “B” in case things felt off.  I had even planned on writing this article about how well the meet went afterward.  But what I hadn’t planned for was the day not following my perfectly planned script.

I had preconceived notions about all of the things that I could control, but what I lacked were answers to things that would pop up that I couldn’t.  The following are the mistakes that I never saw coming from a guy who plans everything down to his own hiccups and farts.

I didn’t sleep… well

Pre meet jitters are nothing new and happen to a lot of people, so I drove down ahead of my family the day before the meet and got a hotel room a few miles down