20 Ways To Identify a Bad Nutritionist

In my previous life, I worked with sports nutritionists who spoke at conventions and clinics for high school coaches. The advice that was given out at these clinics was enough to give you involuntary eye twitches, I still wake up dripping sweat after a nightmare about whole grains for heart health.

It was very obvious that these nutritionists were having their salaries spoon-fed to them by the USDA and its subsidiaries. I can easily remember the most ridiculous statements they made when giving out nutritional advice to coaches who would then pass it on to young people.

Here is a list of things that will help you identify a bad nutrition “expert”.

1. “Aim for a carbohydrate intake of 3-5 grams per pound/per day. Your carb intake should come from things like pastas, cereals, energy bars, and skim milk.”

2. “Athletes only need about 0.3 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.”

3. Any nutritionist that operates under the mindset that everyone is a marathon runner and should replenish glycogen stores every 60 minutes.

4. A nutritionist that always lumps ” salts, sugars, and saturated fats” in the same speech about what makes us fat.

5. “Eat at least 5 small meals a day to continuously stoke the metabolic fires.“

6. “Avoid butter or other creamy sauces, as these have been linked to diabetes and heart attacks.”

7. “Soy is an excellent form of protein that has all the characteristics of animal protein, without the unhealthy saturated fats.”

8. “Keep your protein servings at about the same size as a deck of cards.”

9. “Low carb diets do not work!”

10. “Diets that contain more than 20% of the calories from protein are not advisable for performance enhancement.”

11. A nutritionist that lumps olive oil and canola oil together under the healthy list.

12. “Eat the bread crust, it contains the most vitamins and minerals.”

13. “Corn syrup is fine in moderation, it’s just like sugar.”

14. “Cholesterol is like plaque that clogs your arteries.”

15. “Always choose low-fat or fat-free milk.”

16. “Juicing vegetables is bad because you may drink too much of it.”

17. “If you are feeling drowsy halfway through the day, reach for a granola bar or muffin!”

18. “Eat these foods, they burn belly fat!”

19. “To lose weight, eat less calories than you burn. It’s that simple!”

20. “Meat rots in your colon” By the way, these are actual pieces of advice given to high school coaches and to gullible individuals everywhere.

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