10 Things Succesful Athletes Do

10 things I have seen the majority of highly successful strength athletes do include:

1. Eating enough carbs: show me a strong person on ketosis, and I will show you someone who could be stronger with carbs.

2. Working hard and smart: some work so hard that others wrongly assume their spine will explode.

3. Recovering and deloading adequately: this allows them to continuously keep up with the demands of previous hard and smart training.

4. Following personalized programs: a program should address your weaknesses, not a cookie cutter design as you get more advanced.

5. Not obsessing over supplements: Very few successful strength athletes worry excessively if they forgot to take a preworkout.

6. Not bickering on the internet: Repeatedly getting into internet screaming matches cuts into eating and lifting time.

7. Adapting: being open to changes allows for greater results if things turn sour.

8. Understanding differences: Not everyone participates in your sport, understanding different rules apply to different athletes, and that is OK.

9. Squatting.

10. Learning from losing: experience is what you get when you do not get what you want. Learn from it.

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