10 Little Tips To Help You Sound Like A More Seasoned Athlete

1. Squat clean/snatch is redundant, you will say clean/snatch or power clean/snatch from now on. Saying “squat clean” implies that the main lift is a power clean, and squatting is a variation of the main lift.

2. When doing farmer walks, don’t add up the weights, list the weight per hand.

3. Understand the difference between main lifts and accessory lifts, especially in the gym. Don’t be the person to post “no rep” on someone’s accessory lifts (especially when said person is push pressing your deadlift for sets of 5).

4. Most of the time, someone else’s body type has literally no effect on your life, best to not get a swollen butt over the appearance of someone else.

5. Understand that bodies and joints are built differently, and this in turn will change optimal form for some lifters. This is not a problem.

6. Be skeptical of gurus in your hobby of choice, whose answers never begin with “well, it depends…”

7. Mocking people who drink on weekends or have a life outside of the gym has the opposite effect you think it has. Doing curls at midnight on a Friday while I am enjoying a drink with friends makes me feel sorry for you.

8. “It is right to learn, even from your enemies”. ~ Ovid

9. If you “go ham” every day in the gym, why aren’t you stronger? Rest days have their place in all programs. Don’t quote Bulgarian methods, there is a good chance you don’t understand them.

10. If you want to become great like your lifting idols, don’t copy what they are currently doing. Instead, look at what they did in the past on their path to greatness, and alter it accordingly for your needs.

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