10 Excuses For Not Exercising & Why They Are Horsesh*t

Ahhh December. The month when everyone plans their New Year’s resolutions that will last about 3 days. A lot of resolutions tend to focus on health-related issues, whether it’s quitting smoking, losing weight, or going to the gym more. People who drop their resolutions simply lack the mental cojones to see them through, and it isn’t long before they whip the excuse book out of their back pocket. I have compiled a list of 10 excuses for avoiding exercise and why they are a crockpot of sh*t.

1. “The Govt. Says That 30 Mins of Walking, 3 Times a Week, is Sufficient Exercise”

You are going to take fitness advice from the same folks who say that tomato sauce is a “vegetable”, soy is a good alternative to meat, and strawberry milk is fine for kids because they are getting calcium?

I didn’t think so. And technically, a tomato is a fruit. 2. “I hear that ___ is bad, and I don’t want to get injured”

You are absolutely right. Staying home and dicking around on the computer in this optimal position will keep you from getting injured.

3. “I Don’t Have Enough Decent Equipment”

Nice try, if you can find some rocks and you can take off your shirt, that is all you need to start a gym.

4. “I Don’t Have Enough Money For a Gym Membership”

But you have money to go to happy hour 4 times a week? If this looks like your Friday night, you could have used the money it took to get to this point for a gym membership.

5. “I Don’t Have Enough Time To Exercise”

Busy with work, school, or kids? I can respect and understand that. Still doesn’t get you out of exercise though. You will never “have time” for exercise, you simply make time. Some of my best trainees are individuals who have hectic schedules. This means that they don’t have time to waste in the gym. They get in, finish their training, and get out. Become one of these people.

6. ” I Have Gained Too Much Weight To Start Exercising Again”

Think you are the only person with a few extra inches on your waist? Not bloody likely. 7. “I Am Too Old To Start Exercising Now”

Tell that to this 79 year old gentleman. Thanks for the find, Gorilla.

8. “I Am Afraid That People Will Judge Me”

You think you are the only one facing a little adversity or judgement in the gym?

9. I Can’t Find A Diet Plan That Works For Me”

If you are on a diet plan that recommends meals like this, then I think we have found the problem. Maybe you should stop worrying about diet plans and just eat actual food. 10. “I Hate Working Out Alone”

Hate working out alone? You are in luck. Maybe you have heard of this new thing called Crossfit? It’s this new thing where people sweat in groups, it just so happens to be on every street corner and it has more locations that Starbucks (well not really, but close). Whether or not you like Crossfit, they still have more equipment or space than you can find in a regular gym.