The Mule: 12 Week Program for Size and Strength

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Welcome to The Mule. Each week will have four training days, and each month (cycle) will have a slightly different emphasis, but the mainstay through each cycle is that legs are going to be a big focus of this program. You will do leg work 70+% of the week, with varying amounts on each training day. None of it will be enough to destroy you, as that isn't the goal of this program, but it's frequent enough to keep stimulating growth without inhibiting recovery.

For example, you will have an arm day, but you will still do leg work at the beginning of that workout.

These workouts shouldn't take ANYONE longer than 80 minutes, max. If you're taking longer than that, you're resting too much.

Following the tempo and prescribed rest periods will be important. You will also have a space on the page where you can write in the weights and reps you're hitting, and staying on top of this each week will allow you to build off the previous week.

I have attached some photos of the manual here, and you can see that one is labeled "Garage Mode", and one is labeled "Machine Mode." I have done that because I've written two manuals: one for people who have access to machines, and one for people training who don't have access to machines in CF or Garage gyms. Please see the photos in the description for samples of the workouts. Each cycle is available in either a printable PDF or excel spreadsheet, for your convenience.

Product Reviews:
Hi Brandon,
Thanks for The Mule, it was quick and easy to purchase, and a great price with the 20% discount.
I'm impressed with the program and appreciate you supplying both PDF and Excel files so we can edit it if we wish. I don't have a colour printer at the moment until back at work next week after annual leave so this was helpful, as printing black and white meant that I couldn't see the exercises! I changed the text to white and problem solved.
The program is going to kick my butt which I'm looking forward to. Much more volume than I'm used to after years of 5/3/1 and similar programs so I'm looking forward to this change. I'm very lucky in this time to have a well set up home gym and have already done day one this morning.
Thanks for this. Take care and all the best.

Brenton Green
Adelaide, South Australia

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