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12 Week Strength Program for Strong(Wo)man Competitors.

The Lightning Method is the brainchild of ASC Pro Strongman Matt Mills, and takes its name from Lightning Fitness, Matt's world-renowned training facility. It is a comprehensive 12 week program for individuals both new and seasoned, with the primary goal of becoming proficient in the large variety of competitive Strong(Wo)man movements. This manual also features a comprehensive addendum from the LBEB Doc, Seth Larsen. Seth's addendum covers Strong(Wo)man injury prevention and care, and should be read thoroughly as you begin your program. Read an excerpt of the manual's forward below: "When I first started strongman 4 years ago, I never had a plan to follow.  I would have a general idea of what I was going to do for the day but no real goals, which in hindsight was a big mistake.  As a result my progress was stalled, as I would blindly go into workouts making very little progress over my first year.  I had a good base of strength from powerlifting so many of the lifts were easy to pick up.  I competed over 10 times my first year of strongman, and it took me just over a year to win my first local contest.  Exactly one year later I was able to win my pro card as a Lightweight Strongman.  It was in that second year where I really focused on designing a program for myself, and setting small goals to hit each week.  In the next two years after winning my pro card I have won a lightweight pro show, and taken top 10 at The Arnold in the heavyweight class being the first lightweight pro to do so.  Since competing in Strong(wo)man I have had the opportunity to work with many competitors.  Some competitors having much experience in the sport, and others just beginning.  This program is designed for the athlete that is looking to get into the sport, or the seasoned competitor that simply needs a plan to follow.  In speaking with many top competitors in the sport, all of them follow a set plan.  In this program you will be building up your volume each week.  Strongman is a sport of not only strength, but speed as well.  Conditioning is a big part of the sport, and it is also a big weakness for most competitors.  Every training session is outlined with exactly the amount of reps, and rest time you will be taking.  I am always surprised how many competitors do not time their rest periods.  You will be very humbled by this program if it is not something you are accustomed to.  Each workout should be no more than 90 minutes at maximum with Day 4 going slightly longer with Atlas stones.  The third week of each cycle will be the most brutal as this will be the accumulation of the weeks prior. "
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