8-Week Chest Accessory Program

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Thank you for checking out this copy of my latest training manual: The 8-Week Chest Accessory Program, which is a supplementary program designed to complement the current program you’re already doing. The goal of this supplementary program is to increase not only strength and size of your chest, but to also work on increasing the thickness of your surrounding ligaments and tendons, and finally, to promote blood flow to the chest to help keep the area healthy and promote growth. Below, I want to touch on a few things before you dive into the programming. THINGS TO REMEMBER: Again, I want to stress that this is a supplementary program, it is not a complete program. I wrote this program for the folks who are following a generic strength program, and simply aren’t seeing the size or strength gains they want. I am of the opinion that most generic strength programs, even the popular ones, have incredibly low volume, especially for new lifters, who need it the most. This program will allow you to get in two extra days of chest training, while not taking too much away from your regular training. If you are following my Pump Dragon program, for example, you probably shouldn’t add this in, as that volume is already very high, and you won’t recover properly. If you decide to add this to Pump Dragon, you risk injury to yourself, and I will not be liable for your injuries, as I have warned you to not do it. Use your best thinking here and shoot me an email if you aren’t sure if you should add it to your regular programming. I won’t be listing percentages in this program, just use a weight that is challenging by the last few reps, and don’t miss any reps in the sets or it’s too heavy. To keep the price of this manual lower than my other manuals, I have not included videos or tutorials for the exercises. They are fairly generic bodybuilding movements, however, and the internet is flush with videos on how to perform them. I request that you do not email and ask what programming you should do on top of this supplementary programming, as that would basically amount to free coaching. And, as the cost of this program amounts to $2.25 a week, it would not be fair to my online coaching clients who pay for customized programming. There are 10 free programs for free that you can check out on the site if you don’t have a generic training program. Since this program is supposed to complement what you’re already doing, the lifting won’t be heavy in this manual, but it will be high-volume and focused directly on your chest, with a little tricep and shoulder work thrown in for good measure.  Make sure you rest (and by rest, I mean don’t do anything) on your days off, so you can get the most out of both this program and your regular program. Resting will allow the microscopic tears in your muscles to grow bigger and stronger than before, thereby increasing your size and strength. Weights used here should be moderate, don’t overload your CNS. Let’s say you squat on Monday, bench on Wednesday and deadlift on Saturday. If you add this program in, you could do one chest day on Sunday and one chest day on Friday. You could also do it the same day as your squat and deadlift day, if your energy allows for that in a single session, or your schedule allows for 2x/day training. Now that we cleared all that up, what’s say we get to getting big? Let me know if you have questions at Brandon@liftbigeatbig.com
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