LBEB Consultation Form


Thank you for your interest in LBEB consultations! Before we begin, we want to inform you of our programming process and procedures.

The LBEB consultation format will be tailored to your needs and skill level based on the details provided above and learnings from the 1:1 introductory call. The introductory call will be scheduled after the above form has been submitted to further discuss your goals. After the introductory phone consultation, you will be responsible for scheduling and coordinating any follow-up calls with your coach since level of support varies from person to person. Some athletes may need daily contact with the coaches while others may only require weekly or monthly check-ins.

Your coach will be available by phone, text, and email. Messages received within business hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM (Eastern Standard Time) can typically expect a response within 1 hour or receipt. Anything outside of business hours may take up to the next business day to receive a response.

Billing will occur on a monthly basis, quarterly or yearly basis depending on your selection of service. Payment covers weekly programming delivered by the coach for the consultation period of your selection (monthly, quarterly or yearly). You will be responsible for full payment regardless of whether you follow programming or set up scheduled calls with your coach. To put into perspective, if you sign up for a gym membership and decide not to show up, you can’t expect the gym to give you your money back, right?

By completing this form and agreement section below, you are agreeing to the circumstances stated above. Training support will be available as needed, but you will be responsible for proactively keeping in touch with your coach.

We’re excited to begin the consultations and to help you achieve your lifting goals!

Consultation Type


$99/ Macro Plan

$250/ 3 months

$325/ 3 months programming + macro plan 
$475/ 6 month
$900/ 12 month
$375/ 3 months for 2 people (will do same programming)